Health & Rehab Scandinavia
- one of Denmark's oldest fairs

Health & Rehab Scandinavia is one of Denmark's oldest fairs. The first exhibition took place on 13 and 14 July 1936 at Hotel Christiansminde in Svendborg and had 11 exhibitors. The organiser of the exhibition in 1936 was Centralorgan for Ledere af Offentlige Anstalter, which was an association of managers established the previous year. The exhibition contributed to financing the first annual meeting, and the purpose was to show the managers some of the disability-related products available on the market at that time. The following years the annual meeting and the exhibition were arranged at various locations in Denmark. Despite the difficulties in bringing people together during World War II, the annual meeting and the exhibition were carried through.

During the 50es the exhibition grew rapidly and it became difficult to find hotels and sports centres able to accommodate the rapidly growing fair. The last sports centre was Næstvedhallerne, which, however, could not accommodate all the companies that wanted to display their products. The following year the first Forsorgsmesse was therefore arranged in Messecenter Herning. In Herning the exhibition continued to develop and grow till the middle of the 80es, when the exhibition was gigantic – under the name of Forsorg og Hospital. The organisers also tried to find other locations in the country – for instance the fair was arranged for the first time in Bella Center in 1977 with great success. When the exhibition was at its largest in the mid-80es it attracted more than 18,000 visitors.

In 1985 the exhibition was established as a limited company under the name of Forsorg og Hospital A/S. At the end of the 80es the owner of the exhibition, Forsorgslederne (the former Centralorgan for Ledere af Offentlige Anstalter), entered into a cooperation with Foreningen af Hjælpemiddelleverandører i Danmark. This cooperation experienced a very positive development, and the exhibition was continuously held once a year, but now at various locations in Denmark.
Since then Forsorgslederne has changed its name and has now become the trade union LederForum. Also, Foreningen af Hjælpemiddelleverandører i Danmark has now become the trade organisation Danish Rehab Group. The cooperation between the two organisations resulted in many successful exhibitions.

In 2010 the trade decided that in future the fair should be arranged every second year in Bella Center. The national fair rich in tradition should be maintained and also the status of the fair as ”Gateway to Scandinavia” should be maintained and developed. In 2012 the fair was backed up by 38 different countries.
Since 2012 the Danish Rehab Group has organised the fair as sole proprietor, and thus it has become the property of the entire trade.

Health & Rehab Scandinavia 2014 saw a substantial increase in visitor numbers. Between 9 and 11 September, Health & Rehab Scandinavia opened its doors in the Bella Center to the entire industry and invited all players in the social, healthcare and assistive technology sectors to Scandinavia’s largest trade fair for assistive technology, welfare technology, healthcare technology, services and care and hospital equipment.

In 2016 we aim even higher and the fair, which is rich in tradition, will therefore be experienced in a totally new set-up with trade-specific conferences arranged in collaboration with the partners and interested parties of the trade.

We look forward to telling you more about the development of one of Denmark's oldest fairs!