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The trade fair will give you a unique opperturnity to showcase the products and solutions your company can offer. As an exhibitor, you can make direct sales, collect leads, share knowledge, hold workshops, strengthen your customer relationsships and grow your network.
As an exhibitor you may also book rooms for mini-seminars of approx. 45 minutes' duration.


In 2016, the trade fair's main theme is An independent life. Special focus will be places on four topics presented via professional tracks running through the exhibition and event areas. 

The four topics are Dementia, Rehabilitation in Daily Life, Welfare Technology, and Diet & an Active Life.

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Below are examples of professionals visiting the fair:
health rehab 8 300px- Occupational therapists
- Physiotherapists
- Nurses
- Social and healthcare assistants and helpers
- Transfer instructors/consultants
- Health consultants
- Educationists
- Teachers
- Speech/hearing therapists
- Sight/communication personnel
- IKT consultants
- Engineers
- Architects
- Physicians
- Psychologists
- Designers
- Purchasers
- Administrative personnel
- Hospital orderlies
- Machine engineers
- Personnel from assistive device stores
- Medico technicians
- Working environment consultants
- Dieticians
- Nutritional assistants
- Kitchen assistants/personnel
- Kitchen managers ...
and, of course, a lot of students